We cultivate organic cocoa within our cooperatives in the healthiest way.  Our farmers can enjoy the chocolate; all the activities are connected and integrated.

Organic Africa Chocolate

How we produce one of the best chocolates in the world

We have our own fermentation and drying centres so that the quality is optimal from the origin.

We export the chocolate bars to Europe and the United States creating inclusive growth in Sierra Leone.

Inclusive Growth

Inclusive growth means economic growth that creates employment opportunities and helps in reducing poverty.  It means having access to essential services in health and education. It includes providing equality of opportunity, empowering people through education and skill development.  Now you know why our chocolate tastes so good!


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  • With a relative humidity of 50%
  • A temperature of 14º
  • And the most advanced air purifier

We store the cocoa in optimal conditions from the origin


Our laboratory works with the university to improve each process scientifically.

The factory is located next to the cocoa plantations and the fermentation centres; together with the laboratory and the university all activities and knowledge are integrated in one place.

The cocoa storage room is at 14 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity and clean air thanks to Molekule.

We organize medical expeditions to improve the health of our communities.

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More than 60% of all the cocoa in the world comes from West Africa. Child labor affects 2.1 million children; conditions in cocoa farms are tough and the environment is often polluted.

The ugly side of the industry

How multinationals make chocolate (most of the time)

Cocoa is sold as a commodity at the cheapest price.

The cocoa is sent to developed countries where chocolate is produced. This trip takes at least two months.

Unfair business

Most cocoa farmers are living in poverty.  The lack of electricity, running water, schools or hospitals affects every dimension of their lives. Child labor remains prevalent in the sector.

Humidity and changes of temperature are part of the journey.  All combined affects quality, flavor and karma.

  Is this the way that we want to enjoy chocolate?