The Cocoa Journey


A nightmare

Cocoa pods are contaminated by dirty machetes

A tough reality

Dried in the soil, exposed to bacteria and excrement

About 70% of all the world's cocoa is produced in West Africa.  Child labor, endemic poverty deforestation, toxins and pollutants are structural problems that do not allow communities to thrive.

All of us who collaborate with Organic Africa Chocolate have decided to change it

This is the journey of cocoa today:

With a temperature of 35ºC/95ºF and an average humidity of 90% cocoa has the worst conditions for preservation

During transport and storage, cocoa is exposed to pollution and bacteria.  The salary of the people in this picture is $50 a month

After more than a month in transit, where it loses all its freshness, the cocoa arrives in Europe and the United States where it is processed into chocolate.  

FDA on Cocoa

As a resu lt they literally put excrement on our plate: