Organic Africa


The beginnigs


With the freshness of producing at origin, we immediately saw that the quality would be outstanding.

The  laboratory

During weeks we started developing flavors in our laboratory.

We started producing our first chocolate bars in Freetown at the end of 2019.

The operations were small, but the views were extraordinary.

Months of work on paper turned into reality:

Once we were ready, we introduced our chocolate in Sierra Leone with great acceptance.

As social entrepreneurs we then decided to celebrate and support causes that needed a boost.

Like when the US came back to the Paris Agreement on climate change. We decided to celebrate it with a special edition.

We also wanted to celebrate the amazing work that our friends at Tacugama Sactuary do protecting chimpanzees.

We enjoy diversity as an engine of creativity and growth in our communities. That deserves a colorful celebration!

So in 2020 we visited our friends at UNOX in Italy. We wanted to create a perfect cocoa roasting in Sierra Leone.  

We brought one of the best ovens in the world to Kenema.

At that point it was time to scale our model:

We built the new factory to increase the capacity to make amazing clean chocolate in Sierra Leone.


Brings important news with the opening of the store in Barcelona that will allow us to serve exceptional organic cocoa and chocolate in an efficient way.